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I really wanted to draw girl!jean~ I was thinking about an AU where he and Mikasa genderswap. fem!Jean would think boy!mikasa is really gorgeous, but is taller and too self conscious of her height already. Of course she gets into spats with Eren which only makes her look worse… which makes her want to punch Eren more. And then yeah I’d totally dig girl!Jean x Eren because love-hate relationships are great fun. Plus it’s so cute what the girls are taller than the guys. XD Will try Girl!Eren and Jean next! And then… Girl Jean and Girl!Eren!??




 if yoyu see this post on the first page of your dashboardf you have been visited by the blue elf of prosperity… reblog in ten seconds or your fingers will fall off one by one…

im not taking any risks


i left the lights on so you stumble in devotionso easy, so easy it’s left unspoken [x]
idk au!ymir being sweaty and serenading christa(?) while waiting for asksss


so punk



Eren’s smile is the most beautiful thing, must protect at all costs.


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